Friday, March 22, 2013

Cheeky Chicago Fashion Show

I love fashion and fashion shows, and Cheeky Chicago put on a great one with the Real People of Style event Thursday night at the 900 North Shops.
I met my husband downtown after work and we headed over together, which involved pushing through tourists and him explaining his outfit choice to me, and pointing out he was wearing his reheeled pony hair shoes.
These were the shoe winners for the night.
I assured him that as long as he had good shoes on, I didn’t really care.
We did some people watching before going in, which is always amusing for those who live in the city. Dear Husband was a lifelong South Sider up until we got married and he moved North (and if you don’t live in Chicago that means nothing to you). Either way, if you live in the city you never go downtown unless you work there or you’re shopping (and even then it’s a last resort).
As we wandered through the 900 North Shops and dear husband told me how wonderful I would look in pretty much everything he saw (oblivious to the prices), we got ready for the show, wandered in, and suddenly it was Hubby’s First Fashion Show.
Honest to God, I thought he would be bored, but he loved it.
We wandered around and sipped Peroni beer and EFFEN cocktails. We tasted apps from Siena Tavern (which were amazing) and he took the camera from me and decided that he was going to be the photographer.
As he chased people around for photos, and stalked shoes, he commented on clothing, outfits, and watched the models, commenting insightfully on each look, I realized that I had a new fashion show companion.
My favorite look of the evening was a dress by Karen Millen. I didn’t get a chance to see the shoes, but I heard Charles David mentioned more than once, so I have no doubt they’re fabulous.
Models included Kelly Ryan O’Brien of the Chicago Blogger Network (of which I am a member), David Barton of David Barton Gym, Emma Arnold of Tres Awesome, designer Agga B, and other local names.
By the time the runway show was over the EFFEN cocktails were more EFFEN than mixer, people were changing shoes, and it was time to head out.
A full play by play of the event can be found on Twitter, including #ShitMyHusbandSays, and event photos can be found on Cat in Heels facebook page at

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