Saturday, March 2, 2013

Business Travel, Impulse Buying and Wine

I travel for work, and sometimes I go to places that aren't really all that glamorous. Even the largest cities in the world have those areas that are all business, and that's usually where I end up.

This last trip was no exception.

Charles David Define. I got them in black.
By night three I was bored, lonely, overworked and running on lack of sleep. So after a twelve hour day and a workout, I did the only thing I could think of. I ordered room service and wine.  And after more wine, and some web surfing, I decided that what I really needed to make myself feel better was a new pair of shoes.

Lucky for me I found a pair of Charles David Mary Jane pumps on sale. In beige or black. I decided that black was a necessity. Mostly because my black pumps aren't really that comfy, and they're scuffed. And I think I don't have any other black heels. Aside from those NSFW Mary Jane pumps I have from Aldo.

I'm also pretty sure that I forgot about those because I was half drunk.

The next morning, as I was eagerly awaiting a shipment notification on my new heels, I got an email from my sister. "Charles David heels on sale on Groupon."

Seriously? How could I pass this up? The link brought me to the site where I could order them for $45. Charles David Cosmo pumps for $45. I practically had to order them just based on price.

Cosmo heel was a must own. 
I just had to decide on a color combination, and hope they had my size. Which they didn't.

Ginger made the most sense because I don't have anything that color, but it was sold out in my size. And I just bought black pumps (from the same designer), and I have gray pumps, and I have nude pumps with black on them.

Maybe I don't need them after all. Or maybe I should buy the nude and black because I have a scuff on my beige and black heels from Banana Republic. Yes. That's it. The scuff. Obviously I should buy the beige and black because of the scuff.

So I entered all my information into Groupon, and ordered them. From my phone.

Pretty sure that's a real addiction.

Now I'm home from my business trip, and am eagerly awaiting two pairs of heels that serve as my souvenir from that business trip.

It might be cheaper if I just start collecting spoons.

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