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Easter Baskets of Shoes and Booze

I pride myself on being logical, but when it comes to things of the domestic sort I kind of fall apart and become a giant failure. I’m the kind of person who forgets to buy candles for kid’s birthday cakes and doesn’t send cards to my niece and nephew every holiday, even though I swear I’m going to.

Then there was what happened during the worst Easter Basket shopping trip ever.

The husband and I ran out last week to Target to buy things for Easter baskets. That was it. Some clothes, a couple bags of candy and we were going to call it a successful trip to Target.

This dress is great on an hourglass figure.
Of course, anyone who has ever even walked past a Target in their life knows that there’s actually no possible way of going in and coming out, and getting only what you went in for.

So we went in, and bought stuff for baskets…and since we were in the girl’s section, I figured it made sense to swing over to the clearance section, where Prabal Gurung for Target happened to be on sale. Oh dear. And I mean on sale. Like marked down a couple times to the point where I felt like I had to buy the dress just because it was so damn cheap.

After trying on a couple dresses and settling on a great black and white floral print with white panels, I started to walk over to my husband who was picking out a shirt for the boy child, and I had to walk past shoes. It was then that I saw they also have matching shoes – on sale.

Now I’m not much of one for matchy-matchy clothing, but there is something so amazingly cool about being able to have shoes in the exact same print as your dress. Plus it’s black and white, so the shoes would go with everything. (Never mind my sister just bought the same pair last week).

I wandered over to my husband to tell him of the great deals, and was trying to figure out how to justify this purchase to him, and instead he did it for me.

“Oh, that’ll be great for your blog.”

This is why I married him.

After picking out a shirt for the boy, we decided to go look

These go with so much more than the dress. 
at the grocery section. And by groceries, I mean booze. Sometimes Target has great sales on stuff, and we won, finding a bottle of Stoli jalapeno vodka on sale (Bloody Mary’s anyone?) and a bottle of Tres Leches liquor, which we hadn’t tried, but figured it couldn’t be bad (and it's amazing).

So my trip to Target for stuff for the Easter baskets ended up netting me two bottles of booze, a pair of Prabal Gurung shoes with a matching dress, and a couple DVDs. Oh, and the Easter baskets.  That’s either the biggest parental win or biggest parental fail ever. I really can’t decide.

I guess the kids got their baskets, and I got shoes and booze, so really, everyone won.