Monday, April 29, 2013

We Can't All Wear Heels All the Time

Some people (myself included) sit on their ass all day in an office in front of a computer. Our shoes are irrelevant with the exception of those times we're running around the office, and 90% of that is either 50 feet to the copier or an elevator is used.

Then there are those who actually stand all day and have to care about their feet. The teachers, hairdressers, chefs and servers of the world who spend their days on their feet, and have to give a crap
Clarks wedges aren't awful
about whether or not their toes are pinched and if they can stand all day in their shoes.

For these people towering heels are not an option.

I have many friends and family who fall into the category of people who can't wear heels to work because it's simply impractical. Unfortunately, there are even larger problems that can come from standing all day than just not being able to wear heels or "cute shoes."

Bunions and planter fasciitis are probably the two most common ailments. Bunions can be caused by being in heels all the time (I don't have any
Clarks flats cute and functional
yet), but the other is the collapsing of the arch, and from what I understand, it sucks.

Recently I was asked what kind of cute shoes are out there that have great arch support. Good question, and I have looked.

Searching high and low, there was very little I came up with. Clarks makes a few cute shoes, and then there's Dansko, which are supposed to be great, but they're a little orthopedic looking. So what is the solution?

There isn't one. You're all fucked and have to wear ugly shoes.

Kidding. Kind of.

The real solution is actually to visit a chiropractor or podiatrist and have them do a gait test. From there they can send the computer images to a lab and have a pair of custom-made orthotics created just for you and your arch.

In some cases insurance pays for this too.

Once you get your inserts, put them into any pair of shoes and suddenly the cutest shoes have turned into a pair of comfy shoes that don't hurt your feet.

The drawback is that in many cases you have to go up half a size in your shoe to accommodate the inserts. In the long run though that can be totally worth it. After a while all your shoes will be sized to fit the orthotics, and your feet will be saved from a literal lifetime of pain.

Plus it's an excuse to buy lots of new shoes.

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