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Finding the Shoe that Pops

Sometimes I get requests to find the perfect shoe, and I love searching until the ultimate heel is found.

After posting my chartreuse peep toe heels today I got a question on where to find some good yellow heels. Shades and styles were discussed and it was eventually narrowed down to "neon."

Truth or Dare
Not exactly the most difficult challenge, but wow can this be fun. So here's some options in a variety of price ranges, and if you have additional suggestions, feel free to post them. You can also post photos of your own favorite shoe finds, because we all love shoes here.

Nasty Gal
Madonna offers up a great pair of neon yellow peep toes in her Truth or Dare line. Unembellished and classic these can add a pop of color to any outfit.

If you're looking for something totally different in your neon, a pair of Nasty Gal heel-less wedges with matching neon spikes can fill that void.

Tying multiple trends into one shoe is also possible with the Qupid Potion 44 transparent pointy cap toe heels. With clear sides and a neon cap toe, these heels definitely tie all the top trends of the season together. They even have an ankle strap for maximum trendiness.

If you're not ready to commit to full-on neon yellow, you can get heels that include just a spot of neon. I like the black peep toes with the yellow neon platform and heel. The color blocking is fun and keeps the neon muted.

These will not actually transform
There's also this amazing pair of snakeskin heels with the neon yellow heel. Just the heel.

Talk about a pop of color.

Finally, there's the black and yellow heels that remind me of Bumblebee - The Transformer, not the insect. Don't ask. It's just how my head works. I don't think they transform into anything, but they're pretty awesome and can totally make that boring outfit not suck.

Really, you just need to find the one heel (or multiple heels) that work for you. And with this many options, you can get a traditional heel and one that's a little more out there, because when it comes to shoes there is always room for one more pair.

Click here to see a collection of neon shoes you can shop that I put together just for you, dear readers.