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Flowers are Popping Up for Spring

Spring brings another round of trends, and with warmer weather on the horizon (keep your fingers crossed Chicago), we're actually going to put away the dark colors, start to show a little skin, and bring some happy, brightness into daily outfits.

These Brian Atwood heels bring floral
to a new level
If you're anything like me though, you really don't own a lot of color, and if you do it's dark. I have dark hair and pale skin with pink undertones, so neon makes me look extra pale, pastels are touch and go, and yellow makes me look like I have jaundice.

Really the only "happy color" I can wear is blue because it matches my eyes.

Luckily, shoes come to the rescue, and you can add a touch of spring and summer, as well as a dash of color with florals.

Big last year, they'er even bigger this year. Sometimes literally as 3-D flowers have been popping up on
the front, back sides, and sometimes even the heels of shoes.

If you're not quite ready for your shoes to look like you're wearing part of the garden, there are plenty of more subdued prints available, and heels of all different heights and styles.

You can also take your pick on the base color. From pinks and reds to blues and greens, floral prints can offer a splash of just about any color you're looking to incorporate.

Dolce Vita offers a touch of floral
to happy heels.
I have a great pair from last year that have a studded heel. Sure, I've only worn them once, but I blame that on the ostentatious heel making them NSFW.

In an effort to keep with the trend (and because I have no self-control), I actually just ordered a new pair of floral heels today. This time red and white, which is awesome because I don't have any red and white heels. I'm waiting to post pictures of those so you all have something to look forward to.

In the meantime, feel free to shop a small collection of floral heels I put together for you. Even if you already have a pair, there are so many different prints, colors and heel styles the combinations are endless.