Friday, April 5, 2013

Shopping for Charity

Shopping is awesome, but shopping for a cause. That’s just an all around win.

Love this necklace, and can you spy the
matching bracelet?
Cela Creations, a chic boutique in the suburbs of Chicago, hosted an evening of shopping and Ronald McDonald House. Never one to shy away from a great cause, coupled with a chance to see friends (I know the owner/designer) and have a glass of wine and shop, I promised to make the trek out to the suburban boutique.

After battling traffic and getting stuck by a train, I traipsed in, later than advertised, and found the place mobbed.

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that her jewelry is fabulous.

After making my way through the throngs of people, and getting a glass of wine, I took up valuable real estate in front of the tops and caught up with friends while browsing. Weddings, kids, houses…we’re apparently all grown up now.

After helping one girlfriend pick out a pair of earrings that will go amazingly with the wedding dress she’ll be wearing in a few short months, I decided it was time to buckle down and shop for myself. After all, this was a charity event, with 10% of all sales benefitting Ronald McDonald.
Baubles galore.

Based on the way that register was ringing all night, there was somer serious shopping, and some amazing fundraising going on. 

With renewed focus on shopping, I decided to go for a Cela Creations original piece. Everything she makes is made by hand and a one-of-a-kind piece. Every crystal is painstakingly chosen, and some beads are even made by hand. And there's a huge selection of jewelry to choose from. 

After much deliberating I finally settled on an "ID" bracelet with a pave crystal bar across the top. Exactly how I want people to ID me. By sparkle. 

My only problem was color. Black or dove gray. Sure black goes with everything, but gray is a neutral and also goes with everything. But I have lots of black, and also lots of gray. And back and forth I went until my friend finally just made me pick a hand. 


Perfect. Neutral, will go with everything, and is anything but boring.

I need one in every color. 
The biggest problem I have now is figuring out a time to go back, because this bracelet is begging for a few friends...and maybe a matching ring or necklace. 

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