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DSW Saves Prom

I don't always shop for myself. Sometimes I shop for other people, and a couple of weeks ago I placed an order with DSW for a pair of heels for prom.

Obviously not my prom.

Seychelles off-white Just Because pump, which is satin with a big white flower on the top. The perfect shoes to go with a full-length Calvin Klein dress with white/gold beaded straps. A great combination with large, rhinestone encrusted earrings and large mother of pearl cocktail ring.

The whole thing was topped off with upswept hair and a matching flower (with rhinestone center, of course).

I can accessorize the hell out of things.

The shoes that were sent to save prom. 
It took a couple of days to get the tracking information for the shoes, but I wasn't too worried. Prom was Friday, they showed they would be delivered Thursday. All was good with the world. The next day I checked the tracking information, and it was showing as Friday.

Now we're cutting it close.

The next day they showed as being delivered on Saturday. Too late to be of any use.

Being overwhelmed at work, and now faced at taking a half day to run out and try and find these shoes, I took to Twitter with a snarky comment for DSW and FedEx. Prom wasn't going to be ruined on my watch.

By the time I checked Twitter again, FedEx had contacted me to find out what they could do. I talked to Robin at FedEx, who started tracking the package for me and contacted the place that had it to see if they could move it along faster.

DSW asked me to email them with details. I did, and was expecting them to tell me that I placed the order too late, and they can't control shipping, and blah, blah, blah. But that is not what happened.

The shoes going back to DSW.
Instead DSW offered to overnight a new pair of heels so they would arrive on Friday before 3:00, giving time to make sure they were prom-ready. All at no charge.

I was floored. I was impressed with FedEx contacting me every time the package moved, but a whole new shipment?! That's stepping up.

Of course, I had to return the other pair of shoes when they finally arrived, but that's fine. What would I
do with two pair of duplicate heels not in my size anyway?

True to their word, the heels arrived before 3:00 on Friday, and were absolutely perfect. They tied the whole look together and are the perfect prom shoe.

The next day the heels from the original order showed up, and I opened them up, took the return slip out, repackaged and will be sending them back this week.

As for DSW and FedEx? They've both gained a faithful customer for life. As if DSW's membership points and prices weren't good enough, their customer service is unparalleled. And in my busy life, where everything happens on my phone or late at night when I'm done with my day job, that's worth more than you can imagine.