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Paint and Why I Can't Buy New Shoes

This is the same price as a really nice pair of shoes.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you know I’ve been busy. So busy in fact that I haven’t written a blog post in over a week. 
Lucky for my traffic, people are obsessed with Whoopi Goldberg’s shoes, and that post is still constantly being found via Google. Apparently last week was quite a week for Whoopi because people kept visiting me even though I haven't written shit. 
So where the fuck have I been that I feel like I can traipse in and out of all your lives, tromping on your heel-loving hearts with my stilettos?
Yeah, I guess I owe everyone an explanation, because this is going to get worse before it gets better, and I don’t want all you lovely people forgetting about me.
There’s work. I’ve been there a lot. And traveling. New York twice, D.C. next, I got sick two or three times, and I had some family stuff pop up. But most of my weekends have been spent working on my new house.
Apparently the hubby and I decided we wanted to test the limits of our sanity and our marriage, and bought a house that needed a crap-ton of fixing up (the living room was fluorescent green!), and suddenly it’s go time and we’re half moved into it, and half out of our apartment, and I have paint in my hair all the time, and I haven’t bought new shoes in months because I spent all my money on a new dining room set and paint.
Dear god, there is so much paint.
Just for the record, a five gallon bucket of Behr paint/primer in Princess Ivory successfully covered my living room and dining room, and cost as much as a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels.
I don't have the Tara pump by Miista
because of the damn house. 
When I pointed that out to dear husband he suggested I take an old pair of heels and dip them in the paint. 
I suggested he stick that idea up his ass. 
It’s a good thing that we built a new closet in the bedroom, because when we’re moved in and have a disposable income again (and am not disposing of it at Home Depot), I am going on a shopping spree that will make up for all these months of no shoes, accessories and clothes. Plus I need to replenish my wardrobe since so much went to the Salvation Army in the purge between closets.
Also, all that painting and climbing up and down ladders is a workout in itself, and if I keep going at this pace, when coupled with hauling boxes, I’m going to be skinnier, so I’ll need new clothes for that reason too. Then there’s also the part where I’m always sick and have no appetite.
But once we finally move in, I plan on shopping and drinking pretty much for like a month straight. You know, when I’m not working.