Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Met Gala Goes Punk - Kinda

Last night was the annual Met Gala, and all the celebs got all dressed up and showed their best "punk." Or at least that's what they were supposed to do anyway, because that was the theme of this year's gala.

She wins in so many ways.
It wasn't expected that the stars would actually be punk (because that would be too cool), but instead some kind of costumed, couture, combining the best parts of punk with the amazingness that only money can get you. 

The fact that only rich, famous people attend the Met Gala should really help with this. 

Unfortunately, rich and famous people apparently have no sense of adventure, costuming or what's punk, and the event was overwhelmingly safe, with lots of gowns and nonsense. A sheer panel or a spiked belt does not make an outfit punk. 

The hands down winner of the evening was Sarah Jessica Parker. She
Casadei heels and perfect punk in two different ways.
wore a Giles Deacon dress, Philip Tracey mohawk headpiece, and a pair of over the knee, plaid boots from Christian Louboutin. Sure gowns aren't really punk, but when you're going punk for the Met Ball, this is how you do it. 

Christina Ricci was also a total win for the evening in a plaid Vivienne Westwood. Because if you're going to go punk couture  do it in something from the women who put punk fashion on the map. She paired this fab dress with a pair of black pumps from Casadei. 

Also in Casadei heels and embracing punk more than anyone else at the gala, was Madonna. Wearing a fishnet bodysuit, plaid, chains, studs and no pants, she was more costume than ball gown, but it worked. Even with no pants. Unfortunately, her pink Casadei heels (while fabulous) didn't really match the outfit. 

Emma Watson. Boring and not punk,
but I love her Brian Atwood heels and the cutouts.
There were other stars who got the punk memo and didn't look like total disasters, and then there were ones who were really just boring as hell.  Some of my favorites from the evening are below.
Elizabeth Banks. This is really all about the shoes.

This is not my favorite, but I wanted to post
another pic of Kim looking like a couch.
Does she not own a mirror?

Beyonce in Givenchy with matching boots.
A bit much, and not punk, but the boots are great. 

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