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Kate Spade Goes Gilt

I have spent most of my life being rather adverse to preppy things. Never one to rock sweater sets and pearls (unless it was in an ironic way), my fashion has always been a little off center.  Because of that there have always been certain designers that I have shied away from.

I'm oddly obsessed with this bag. 
Recently though I find myself revisiting some of those who I had shrugged off , maybe it’s age, maybe it’s the designers that are getting less preppy, or maybe we’re meeting somewhere in the middle.

Kate Spade, always preppy in my view, has recently been releasing some really interesting looks, both in handbags, as well as clothing and jewelry, which is why I’m excited about the Kate Spade New York event on Gilt, which starts tomorrow (May 22).

Every four weeks Gilt members (and we’re all members, right?) will get first access to the new Kate Spade New York collection before it’s available anywhere else. Even better, a bunch of stuff will be discounted (because it’s Gilt) at up to 50% off.

Personally, I’m loving the gold bag, which reminds me of
Perfect for a summer wedding
(but I would have better shoes). 
something my grandmother used to have in her closet (and I mean that in the best way possible!). I’m also infatuated with the floral jacquard dress, which would be perfect for a wedding I have coming up. Obviously I love anything shiny.

I’m also holding my breath and hoping they add a couple pair of the Kate Spade Keds to the sale because my mom has been dying for a pair, and it would be such a fun surprise for her. (Hopefully she’s not reading this). There's also the classic flats, and I saw a pair of wedges in the preview sale that are pretty nice looking. 

For you bag junkies, there will be more bags, and there will of course be jewelry. I’ve already seen a couple baubles in the form of rings and bracelets, and I’m sure there will be more.

Set your alarms for 12:00 pm EST (lunchtime!) to start snatching up these deals. If you’re not yet a Gilt member (shame), you can join here for free. That means I just took away all your excuses. And if you are a member of Gilt, bookmark the sale at