Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flipping, flopping and dating

Men's shoes are important. I realize that I haven't really talked about them a lot, but I don't have a lot of male readers, and if they want to read about their shoes they can start their own blog. Plus, I don't think most men realize how important shoes can be.

Last week my younger sister called me and we were chatting, and got around to talking about this guy she had recently gone out with. When I asked if she was interested she paused.

He's a goner.

When I asked why (because I'm nosy not because I feel bad for the guy) she let forth with the litany of regular excuses. "He's nice, but there just wasn't a connection, and blah, blah, blah...and I hate to sound shallow, but he wore flip flops."

Wait, what? Where? To a bar? On a date? With you?


Now if this date was at a beach, or a park, or not the second date, maybe this would have been OK. Or if he was coming from the beach, or they were getting hot dogs (which she would never do because she's a vegetarian), but flip flops on a date. This guys was practically asking her not to return his calls.

And yes, as shallow as this sounds, shoes are important. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes and clothes, and I will admit to having turned down dates and not gone out with people because they had bad shoes. Maybe it's shallow, but is it really any different than not dating someone because they have bad teeth, goofy hair or smell funny? They're all aesthetic things that not only make a person attractive or not, but tells us something about them. And while flip flops are great for beaches and strolls in the park, bumming around and maybe even a ball game (just guessing here, I don't watch baseball), they are not OK for a second date getting cocktails in a major metropolitan area.

In an odd twist of fate, this question also came up this week when I was emailing with a reporter. The question was about men's shoes and he asked if flip flops are OK for the workplace.

I'm guessing this guy doesn't get out of the newsroom a lot, because I have never seen anyone, male or female, wear flip flops to the office. I answered (nicely) that flip flops are never OK for the office, networking events, or anything else that doesn't involve summertime with friends.

And yes, I own flip flops, and no, they don't have heels. But they do have sequins. 

So guys (and girls) keep the beach wear for the beach, and remember that you wouldn't wear a bikini on a date. Like gym shoes, flip flops have their time and place, and it is not on dates.


Cat said...

P.S. You guys don't even want to know where I got that picture of boy foot in flip flops.

Anonymous said...

To this day, I still remember you teaching me, "you only wear gym shoes to the gym." :) (Debbie)

Cat said...

With rare exception, yep. That's my feelings. I also wear them when I go running.

Ben & Francesca said...

I'd recognize those toes anywhere - love it!

Ms. Bea said...

Ugh. This was one of my longest-running arguments with the Development Director where I used to work. She rocked dirty flip-flops all summer long and I told her that they were inappropriate for the office. When did flip-flops become OK for anything but the beach or casual summer running around?