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Shoe Fashion Specialist

That's my new title. I'm going to get business cards made that say I'm a "Shoe Fashion Specialist."

If you're wondering what the hell that means, it means some clever reporter made up a title for me instead of calling me a blogger.

The article is on men's shoes, and I can only hope that people read it and take heart. Men's shoes don't have to be expensive in order for them not to look like a total ass.

Also, please take note that the certified image professional (this is actually what he does) and I agree on just about everything. The personal stylist (who also runs her own company dressing people) seems to be off the mark and said that it's OK to wear suits and sneakers. Please note that it is not OK, even when celebrities do it. Chances are they were hitting the bottle before leaving the house, and that's how they ended up in sneakers at an awards ceremony.

I wonder what kind of career path I can take from here.

Anyone need someone to pick out their shoes for them? Aside from this guy.


AllisontheImp said…
Maybe he wears the sneakers at lunch. I know that's what us girls do when you have to hoof a lot of concrete in NC. Otherwise, yeah, he does look foolish. Couldn't he get some in black?
Cat said…
You would think black is an option. And no, this wasn't lunch. This was a look. It's actually a photo of a celebrity, who shall remain nameless to protect those who commit fashion sins.