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Killer heels

A friend recently posted a link on Facebook to a website called This is of course amazing, and I immediately had to look, and make mental notes of all the bizarre stuff on there, including the psuedo wearable.

Then I saw a pair of shoes I actually own. Really. Right there on the page were my Iron Fist Zombie Stompers.

Those are shoes that could kill?

I understand that they're zombie print and all, and they have teeth, but really? Compared to the other shoes on the site, they're kind of tame. And if it's about heel height, my Aldo Mary Jane stilettos are way higher. I've even fallen over in those shoes and wrecked myself (in the shoe's defense, I had been drinking).

If all it takes is a killer heel, and some kind of crazy print, I'm sure I have all sorts of crap that could land on this website.

Other shoes on the website aren't even shoes, they're art. And not really wearable art either. 

I wonder if Lady Gaga and I can be friends if we both own these?