Tuesday, June 7, 2011

F*%k these shoes

I have a potty mouth.

Shocking right? Yeah. And if you've ever read anything I wrote then you know that I use "colorful" language. And if you actually know me personally, well then, you know I swear like a trucker. And if you read this, then you're probably not offended.

A few months ago a friend sent me a picture of some peep toe boots that literally said, "Fuck you" on them. I of course had to find them.

As it happens I randomly came upon them one day when a designer I follow (and love) by the name of Massimo Dogana posted them. And they were his design, which I somehow missed.

Never mind all the colorful boots and beautiful textures of his other shoes. The amazing hardware embellishments and wacky print combinations, one Google search of his name and the first page of shoes that comes up are images of the various designs the "Fuck You" shoe comes in. (The second picture is an amazing pair of metallic sandals with jewel encrusted platforms).

Peep toe boots, strappy sandals, platform sandals, all with the middle finger and the "F**k You" on the platform. There's even a picture of Ashanti in a pair of the sandals.

While these probably can't be worn on a lot of occasions (the office probably frowns on profane shoes), these are all kinds of awesome. People put all kinds of messages on their t-shirts. Emblazoning free advertising across their chest for whatever brand. Why not send a message with your footwear?

Anyone who can allow me to walk and tell everyone I pass to fuck off at the same time, gets my vote. Plus I wonder if you can also paint the nail to match your outfit.

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