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Flying with shoes

Airport security is a pain in the ass. It doesn't matter which airport, what city, it remains the same. Slow, stupid and full of people moving through man-made corralls so we can be x-rayed, scanned and patted down in the name of safety.

The funny thing is though, that with a few exceptions I'm pretty sure the reason it's so slow is all because of shoes.

If this guy wore slip ons he'd be sipping coffee at the gate now.
We all need to take off our shoes at airports and we know this by now. It's not a surprise. A few years ago some nutter tried to blow up his shoe, and the plane, and now we all get our shoes x-rayed. So why can't people plan for this?

Every time security is backed up (which is all the time) it's all because of people and their damn shoes. Ties, buckles, boots, more ties.

If you know you're flying, then why not wear a pair of slip on shoes? Something that can come on and off easily and doesn't require you to sit down in the middle of the floor and freak out TSA agents, cause old ladies to trip and hold up the whole freaking terminal. All because of a pair of gym shoes.

You can still worry about catching some kind of crazy foot fungus, that you may have accidently packed your aerosil hairspray and it will explode in your luggage, or that your luggage will be rifled through and you'll be missing a pair of heels or your favorite shirt, but as long as you wear slip on shoes, security will be a hell of a lot faster and easier.