Monday, June 13, 2011

Sandals, mandals and acceptable footwear

Men get kind of the short end of the stick with shoes. They need only a few colors, have a few style choices, and according to men, none of them are comfortable. At least not if they're also good looking, and guys can't be uncomfortable in the name of fashion like ladies. 

WTF is this?
The only shoes men don't bitch about is gym shoes (not OK for everyday wear) and sandals, which show off their gnarled, hairy, generally unpedicured feet.

I've never been able to make a solid decision on how I feel about men wearing sandals. Commonly known as "mandals." Sometimes it seems OK, and other times it's really not. Maybe it's dependant on the type of mandals being worn.

Actually, to be honest I've never seen a pair of mandals I like. But for some reason they don't offend me. At least not all the time.

When I see them in stores or on men's feet they range in reaction from, "I'm gonna puke" to "I guess those aren't awful.

There's the Birkenstock mandal (ick), the gladiator cage mandal (kinda ick), the sport mandal (I am against anything made of rubber or canvas), and probably some mandal I haven't thought of. Plus the various types of flip flops and bullshit that are only appropriate for the beach, grocery store and privacy of your own home.

Really, guys should just stick with shoes and boots. It just seems easier. And please, please, please, stop wearing everything with freaking socks.


Pretty Power Tools said...

wow, i am totally with you. my husband wanted sandals and i kinda puked in my mouth. i told him that it was fine for the caged/sporty ones because they hide the toes, and never wear socks with them. in my opinion, men who show their toes are just ... showing fault, lessening their power. it's unattractive. unless they are at the beach and there is a reason for them.

sexylegsandbody said...

Haha, I so agree with you on the socks with sandals, it really looks totally off the road!