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Walking and rolling

I work in a world where it's OK to wear gym shoes to and from work.

Let me clarify. That happens whether I like it or not. As anyone who works in any downtown area will attest, there are always the power walkers in suits and gym shoes, skirts and gym shoes, and slacks and gym shoes, trying to burn a few extra calories before being chained to a desk all day worrying about getting secretary spread.

This even looks dumb off a foot
I may not like it, but it happens, and I get it.

More and more though I'm seeing women running (rocking?) to and from the trains in the toning/shaping shoes. Shoes with a rounded sole that are supposed to give you an ass like Kim Kardashian (pretty sure DNA is the only way that's gonna happen).

I seem to have missed the part of life when walking to and from someplace wasn't exercise enough and we had to add half a Pilates ball to the bottom of our feet. At least it provides humor as I watch them tip and teeter in gym shoes that make no sense. 

Here's an idea. Go to the gym after work or during lunch. Walk an extra block. Do jumping jacks in the backyard while waiting for the dog to shit (I actually do this), do crunches while watching TV....

And no, I am not Ms. Fitness 2011. I just happen to really hate ugly things, especially if they're expensive too.

Why did they think this would work?
A few weeks ago I was going to replace my gym shoes (yes, I have some and work out in them), and I asked my brother in law, who is the manager of a top ranked hospital based wellness center, if toning shoes are actually worth it and he said they work about as well as the fat jiggling belts that were all the rage in the 1960s.


So skip the funny looking shoes, and for the love of all things holy, please don't put your kids in them. Yes, they make shape up shoes for kids. They also make them for men, but I haven't seen any men wearing them.

Instead tie up the good old gym shoes and power walk your ass off to and from the train, hop around like an idiot while waiting for the dog to finish sniffing every blade of grass in the yard, and do kickboxing while waiting for pasta to boil. Those legs have to be strong to keep wearing those sky high heels.