Sunday, June 19, 2011

Connecting the dots

Part of my problem with shoes (and shopping in general) is that I can't pass up a good sale. So last week when Bakers Shoes sent me and email offering an additional 15% off sale items, I had to see what I could find (like the red heels I need).

Alas, there were no red heels, but there were a pair of cute black patent cork soled sandals, and an amazing pair of navy polka dot sandals.

Never one to pass up a sale I immediately ordered both, which were luckily available in my size. Later that afternoon I realized there was something I didn't take into account. I don't own anything to match the navy polka dot shoes.

Sad at the idea of having to wait to wear them, I posted this on Facebook, and immediately got some suggestions. Nautical chic was the answer from everyone, and suddenly I remembered that I actually own a white linen skirt that would go great with these shoes, especially when paired with a red cardigan and navy shell (which needs to be bought).
These will go with anything, right?

So now I have an outfit to wear them with. One outfit for one pair of shoes.

I'm pretty sure random impulse buying of this sort is the reason I have so many shoes in the first place. And so many shoes that only get worn with one thing. Like yellow patent leather, blue leopard, zebra and blue sandals, and many, many more.

The worst (best?) part of the whole thing is that I kind of don't even care that I don't have anything to go with these shoes. They're pretty damn amazing looking, and for the deal I got wearing them once is totally getting my money worth. The rest of the time I should put them on a shelf in the living room with other ridiculous non-worn shoes and start calling them all art.

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