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Cat on a runway

Every so often I do something nice.

Actually I do lots of nice things, but sometimes it involves volunteering my time and being part of something really cool. So when offered the chance to walk as a model this Friday at Threads of Equality, a FashionEsque Show benefiting the Human Rights Campaign at Spin Nightclub, I jumped at it.

I'm not a runway model by any stretch of the imagination, my first problem being that I am an underwhelming 5'4" without heels on, and the other problem being that I do not have the figure of a runway model.  But for those wonderful people who don't care that I'm not a size zero and eight feet tall, I'm totally willing to be part of something fun.

Local designers and Chicago boutiques will be featured on the runway, and there will be dance and burlesque performances by some amazing local performers. I'll be walking the runway in sweaters by Emily Rohrer, which I am totally excited to see.

Any of these shoes could be options.
As for shoes, I actually get to bring my own, and they have to match pink. My husband asked me if I had pink shoes and I actually laughed at him. The issue is not whether or not I have pink shoes, but what shade of pink matches what I'm wearing. So I could go with a pair of black heels to play it safe, but I also every shade of pink from pale white/pink to hot pink, bows and embellishments or standard peep toe. Even my Iron Fist zombie shoes have pink on them and can be awesome with the right shade.

I think there will just be a big bag of shoes accompanying me to the club that evening.

If you're interested in attending Threads of Equality, you can purchase tickets ahead of time here. I've been told the event will sell out, so you better get them soon. The event is being organized and produced by Hesperidian Productions and HRC Chicago


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