Sunday, July 31, 2011

Model sparkles and drag walking

For once I was not the one in the room in the tallest, most ostentatious shoes. This weekend's fashion show for the the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) brought out the tallest and sparkliest shoes in the city, as well as lots of behind the scenes drama, which is probably normal for events like this.

Designers under pressure were freaking out when models flaked out and didn't show, cancelled last minute, or designs weren't fitting correctly. Models backed up in lines waiting for hair and makeup, blown fuses from too many blow dryers and broken air conditioning.

Oh my sparkles. Just a normal pile of shoes at the show.
The broken air was of course made worse by the fact that a hundred people were in one staging area and there were a million blow dryers and curling irons going at full speed. The heat was further exasperated by the fact that I was modeling a sweater and had to wear pantyhose.

Once the show got rolling though it was smooth sailing from the models point of view and any problems that may have existed were taken care of quickly and quietly. So the only thing I had to focus on was staying in my shoes on the runway.

The name of the line I was modeling is called petals, so when the designer saw my pink and red Chinese Laundry heels with the red roses, she wanted me in those. The only problem being those damn nude pantyhose (which I never wear), but they look better than bare legs under the lights. Pantyhose with a slingback can equal slipping straps, and on a stairs and under the lights of the runway and camera flashes...I'm just happy I didn't fall.

If you ever want to see real talent in heels though, check out a drag show. There were drag performers who were better in heels than some of the models, and who danced, jumped and sashayed around the stage in six in heels in ways I wouldn't dare on a normal day.

Maybe I need to take lessons. According to my shoe closet and makeup case I'm already about halfway to drag anyway.

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