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Guarding my shoes

There have been better weekends than the past one I just had.

It started out well enough. Food, festivals, a bunch of crap to do, and poof, it would probably be over before it really started. That's generally how weekends go.

By Saturday afternoon it was rolling along at warp speed, just as predicted, when it came to a screeching halt as I walked in the door in the middle of the afternoon to find my entertainment center torn apart, cords all over the place, wood littering the floor in front of the door where the frame splintered, and more missing electronics.

As I surveyed the damage, ushered people out of the house, and all I could think of was my dog Thor, who was home through the whole thing.

He may not be a watchdog, but he guarded the shoes. 
Apparently a chihuahua isn't a good deterrent to thieves, even if he is a freakishly tall 11 pound dog who loves shoes.

Luckily (is it lucky?) there really wasn't a lot taken. It was a small hit that went after electronics. Aside from the splintered door and missing stuff, we were lucky. They didn't hurt the dog, and as the news began to spread among friends yesterday and I got a phone (because the asshole stole mine), texts started coming in asking what was taken, and how are my shoes.

I guess my friends realize that a missing shoe (or pair) would have sent me into orbit. I can get a new phone. I cannot replace a lot of those shoes. One friend proved she's an evil mastermind, and joked that they could have really destroyed me and only stolen the left shoe from every pair.

That would have been awful.

Instead they proved they had no taste (thankfully) and didn't even bother going in my closet. They looked in there, and were probably annoyed there wasn't another stock of X-Box games or smartphones sitting on a shelf. Shoes and handbags apparently don't do well being sold on the street and at pawn shops.

So all is well. I have a computer and phone again, and all my shoes and purses are well. And Thor is good too. And oddly enough I've caught him stealing a shoe from the closet and cuddling up with it a few times since then. Maybe they have a kinship of some kind now.