Monday, July 25, 2011

Walking through pain

The most common question I get about my shoes is, "How do you wear those?"

Gel inserts are a foot saver.
It's not a question about one pair of shoes, but every pair of shoes. I got that question at my wedding, at work, walking through the mall, at family parties and street festivals. Even the shoes I think are totally conservative and comfortable are apparently someone else's version of a high heeled Hell.

Maybe it's because I have tiny little toes that easily smash into small spaces. Or because my feet and legs are so used to being inches higher than Mother Nature made them. Maybe I'm just a masochist.

Anything's possible.

Platform shoes are the best. They give you extra height and hurt less because the platform makes the shoe look higher, and in reality the platform lessens the angle of your foot, allowing for higher heels and a longer leg.

I do have a limit though. If I'm going to be standing for hours, or if the shoes don't have a platform, I am a firm believer of inserts.
In the event you have a pair of amazing heels that are sans platform, I use removable gel inserts for the balls of my feet. Dr. Scholl's makes a great pair. I prefer the gels to the padded inserts that you stick in your shoes, and they have the added advantage of being removable, so you only need one pair.

Five inch heels and Foot Petals so I didn't have to hem my dress. 
Sure, they look kind of like part of a breast implant, or a flattened jellyfish, but they will change your life.  Or at least your feet. For a day.

It's a small life changing event, but whatever. Take it where you can get it.

They also make gel inserts for the whole length of your shoe, which I have never tried. It's never my heel that hurts, so I ignore it all together. Plus inserts can change the fit of the shoe, so always try them on and take a quick stroll before committing.

If you have a favorite pair of heels and don't want to mess with little breast implants for your feet every time you put on your shoes, Foot Petals are the best. These are what I wore for my wedding, and I spent an entire day in a pair of five inch heels without feeling hobbled at the end of the night. Plus they come in fun animal prints, which I love, even if no one else sees them.

A little added padding that you never have to tell anyone about. It's like a push up bra for your feet. Makes you look great, others marvel at your height, and the secret is all yours. So when someone asks how you stand in heels all day, just shrug and say, "It's no big deal."

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