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Cork it up

I should have bought these
This season I became a little obsessed with cork shoes after seeing Sam Edelman and Stuart Weitzman both made heels that were all cork. 

Not ready to take the plunge for an all cork shoe, and needing a pair of sandals, I decided instead to go for a more “practical” and budget friendly pair of sandals from Wild Pair by Bakers Shoes. Black patent criss-cross straps with a cork split wedge heel. 

I should have just spent the $200 at Nordstrom and bought the Sam Edelman peep toes with the towering platform because these shoes suck. 

Since they were on final sale I couldn’t return them when I discovered that they were too small in that really special way that doesn’t involve the shoe bed, but instead is correlated to the space between the straps and the bed. You know. The shoes that make you feel like you have fat feet. 

So I jam my fat little foot into the sandal and think, “Fuck it. They were on sale and they’ll stretch,” and go on my merry way. 

Two pairs of cork soled sandals.
But they didn’t stretch. Instead they just kind of hurt the top of my foot where the straps cross and make me feel like I have fat feet.  And I keep wearing them (they are great work shoes) in the hopes that they’re slowly stretching and my fat little foot is just going to slide in one day and they’re going to be the ultimate sandal. But it’s just not happening.  

So in a fit of rage about these shoes not fitting I order a pair of black leather split wedge sandals from Blowfish. They were really my first choice sandal anyway (regarding black cork sandals) and they were on sale too. So they show up and they’re everything I want. Comfy, you can walk in them…and they turned my feet black. 

Really, this is all just bullshit and I have no idea why I’m even bothering anymore. I should just wear peep toe heels and sky high shoes all the time, because obviously buying something “sensible” is total bullshit. 


Stout said…
yes it is total BS, i agree! *laugh*