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A Cat brings heels to the aristocrats

Heels are actually functional. They're not just for fashion or for making your legs look long, they're actually for your horse.

Big collars and tall shoes.
She was all the rage. 
Oh, you don't have a horse? Me either, but that's totally what they were made for. That way your feet don't slide off the stirrups while you're riding. Luckily a woman who shares my name decided that heels were a brilliant idea and brought them into fashion.

Catherine 'de Medici, queen of France, had two inch heels put on her wedding shoes.  Or, more likely, she had someone else do it for her. This is arguably the first instance of heels being used for fashion instead of function. Suddenly men and women were wearing heels to show their status in this world, because apparently only peasants wear flats. Louis XIV of France even went so far as to outlaw anyone other than aristocrats from wearing flats.

Inspired by Marie Antoinette who
lost her head in 2 inch heels.
Hence the term "well heeled."

So while the French were wearing heels, making amazing shoes, and European women were binding their feet like the Chinese (because who needs to be able to walk?), the Puritans in the new world went ahead and ruined fashion like everything else and decided that women who wear heels are witches. Predictably, they burned women bold enough to wear the accursed shoe.

So wearing heels means you're a high-born spell caster who cavorts with the devil, and stands above the "commoners" in their flats? And it was all started by a woman named Catherine.

No wonder I love them so much.


Rasana said…
loved those yellow heels!! :)))