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Over the top is just enough

Getting dressed for a wedding is really stressful. You have to find something cute, but appropriate. Attractive, but not so attractive that you look better than the bridesmaids or, God forbid, the bride. And you can't ever match the bridesmaids.

All this is one of the many reasons there is open bar at a wedding.

So what happens when you're at a wedding in another state, there's no bar at the reception (cash or otherwise) and the girl seated next to you is wearing an eerily similar dress and the bride is swishing her lacy white dress all over the dance floor to gangster rap?

You start texting your sister all the snarky things you're thinking and shouldn't say.

This weekend I wasn't the snarky one. I was the sister.

As the texts came rolling in, bitching about the lack of booze, the music, the absence of vegetarian menu options and the fact that Nirvana was turned into classical music for dinner, it was the girl unfortunately seated ext to her that was also wearing a leopard dress.
My sister's shoes are better than yours

Really, what are the chances there are two girls who have enough balls to wear a fitted leopard dress to a wedding? Luckily, my wedding saved my sister because her shoes were better.

Of course they were. They were the shoes she wore for my wedding, where the bridesmaids' shoes were as important as the dresses.

Black patent peep toes with a giant bow. Really there's no way to go wrong with that, and few people who have the balls to pull it off. Especially when paired with leopard.

Sure, she was a little reticent at first. Leopard dress, patent shoes with an enormous bow, and a black rose with feathers in her hair. I assured her it wasn't too much.

Or maybe it was, but at least she stood out from the other girl in a leopard dress. And she sure as hell didn't dance to gangster rap in her glam getup.