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Filing shoes

A few days ago I couldn't find the shoes I was looking for in the closet.

There I am, rushing around, getting ready for work, probably brushing my teeth while trying not to trip on a shoe and end up bleeding to death on the floor of my closet with a stiletto in my temple, and I couldn't find my damn navy blue heeled loafers. Finally I gave up, grabbed a different pair and ran off to work.

Once I got to the office all my suspicions were confirmed. The missing shoes were sitting in a drawer. Yep, a drawer.

Some people own less shoes than I keep at work.
I have managed to create a shoe drawer at work in one of my file cabinets. It's rare that I travel to work in certain shoes, especially when it's raining or snowing. Sure, cheap shoes put up with crap weather, but rain ruins suede and tweed, sidewalk construction can rid the patent off a pair of covered heels, and snow...I don't even feel the need to explain myself.

As a result of big city living, I often change my shoes when I get to work, change for the trip home, and end up leaving my shoes in a large drawer of my file cabinet that also contains my gym bag, yoga mat, and copies of a few client proposals that got lost down there during it's transition to a shoe drawer.

Now I'm pretty sure the drawer is turning into a full blown corporate shoe closet since it contains shoes rarely worn outside the office. There's also the "work version" of shoes that also have the "home version."

Cork platform sandals (patent for the office), black pumps (sensible heel stays at the office), gray patent shoes which only match work clothes, purple tweed (too preppy for my real life), and a pair of ankle boots I forgot about and don't particularly like. There's also a black cardigan I forgot I ever even brought to work that I'm pretty sure I never use, and has a footprint on it from a heel carelessly tossed into the drawer.

I think I have a problem. Yesterday I even found myself bringing an extra pair of shoes to work in case I decided I didn't like the ones I was wearing. At the end of the day both stayed in the drawer and I wore a different pair home.

Maybe tonight when I pack up my gym bag and bring it home for the weekend I should pack up my work closet. Then I can get at least half of my drawer back for actual files.


nedsi said…
Wonderful! you are so right and I needed to hear