Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sassy Shopping Fashion Bash

The Fashion Bash is one hell of a party.

Sparkles and brass knuckles
Aside from the blasting dance music (yeah Madonna), the vendors, swag bag and food, there's also the booze.

Sure it was supposed to just be samples, but by the time the other bloggers and I made our way through the racks to the Real Russian booth it was shots all around.

Hosted by the Sassy City Chicks at Venue One in Chicago, I got my invite through the fab Chicago Blogger Network, who does a great job of letting bloggers know when something cool and relevant is going on, and making sure we get invites.

Tons of jewelry and clothes, this shopping event was surely one to behold, and should not have been missed by a die-hard shopaholic. Most of the jewelry was amazing, unique pieces that truly were one of a kind.
The Real Russian shot guy

Clothes were all over the place too, and while there were more than a few pieces I fell in love with, nothing that ended up coming home with me.

By 7:00 the place just crawled with women, all shopping for some hidden gem. And little treasures were everywhere, it just depended on what you were looking for. In fact, aside from the guys who worked at the booths or worked at the venue, I'm pretty sure the place was void of testosterone. At least while I was there. But even if they did show up later I'm pretty sure they were going to be wildly disappointed unless they were looking for women's stuff.

After shopping, doing shots with the Russian and doing a couple laps, I finally relaxed back into the white, art deco lounge that had been arranged and started making notes, answering emails, tweeting and summing up the event.

The only shoes I found

If you were following me on Twitter then you know how fast and furious it was for a while there, but it had to be. There was everything, including Nutella crepes and people doing hair. Thankfully not at the same booth. And sure, the event was a little void of my beloved shoes, but there was so much else, I bet some people didn't even notice.

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wow! Sounds like you had a blast!