Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tourist's Shoes and No Heels

While I was in New Orleans I remarked on how flip flops are the unofficial shoe of the tourist. They were everywhere. From cemeteries to bars, breakfast lunch and dinner, casual and formal, apparently flip flops are the only thing you're supposed to wear.

It's the flip flops with dresses that threw me.

And I'm not being a nasty bitch here. I mean I am but I'm not. I'm not talking about sandals that happen to have the same style as flip flops, but have some kind of beading or are made of leather. I'm talking about $5, drugstore, unadorned, plastic flip flops.

Then there were Crocs.

Just kill me.
The one good sidewalk in the city, and they leave metal sticking out.

The crazy thing about the whole city though was that every store I saw was not only void of flip flops (which means people all bring their own), but void of heels in general. Unless of course it was a stripper store at which point there were heels, but they weren't the kind you wear wandering around.

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks it's impossible to walk around that place in a pair of stilettos, or thinks flip flops are atrocious. And no, I didn't see any Crocs in the stores either.

Instead the city was full of boutiques with weird little shoes that just weren't my style, or stores that were totally common that I can find in any major city. So believe it or not, there will be no pictures of heels I bought on vacation, and nothing in my collection now bears the title of my "Nola Heels."

The whole thing makes me kind of sad. But at least I wasn't in flip flops, and I can rest easy knowing the even the natives find it hard to navigate their ancient city in a pair of spikes.

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