Monday, June 25, 2012

Heel Height is Just a Number

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is what height are the heels I most commonly wear.

I wish that was an easy question to answer.

I have heels of all different heights. Everything from kitten heels to 6" stilettos with the mother of all platforms.

A smattering of some standards.
Now granted, I don't wear the kitten heels, which is kind of a shame because they're a great pair of Kenneth Cole, zebra phony hair sandals. But with a heel that short and my 5'4" frame I look like a hobbit playing dress up. I should probably get rid of them, but they're pony hair. And zebra. You can't just get rid of zebra. Or Kenneth Cole.

Most of my heels are somewhere between 3" and 5" and they serve all kinds of purposes. Some of them are for running errands, some for work, some exclusively for going out (because my Iron Fist Zombie Stompers aren't really work appropriate) and others are used for everything. Some of them have a platform that levels out the shoe, making it more comfortable and wearable, and others have a crazy high pitch, making them good for little other than sitting and making my legs look longer than they really are.

I'd say the six inch heels are rare, but I'm not actually sure of that. With heels getting higher and higher over the last couple years, it's entirely possible I have more six inch heels than I think.

Really, who the hell knows. The reality of it all is that I don't measure my heels. I don't even bother to look at the side of the box to see what they say they are. I just see something I like and I buy it. End of story.

Well, actually price factors in quite a bit, otherwise I'd have an ass-ton of designer shoes, but after I've decided that I can afford them, everything else is superfluous. Like what I'm going to wear with them, if I need them, or even if I already have something like them.

I guess that's how I ended up with an Imelda Marcos shoe collection and no money.

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