Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting to the Point

Trends of all kinds come and go, and women's heels seem to cycle through trends faster than other things. Like women's clothes, or men's clothes, or men's shoes (which don't really change at all).

Pointed toe shoes are back, this time with a popularity and power not seen since the last time they were declared the hot shoe, which was about 10 years ago. 

These Bakers heels are on my wish list.
Also known as just long enough for me to have gotten rid of all the ones I was holding onto, so now I need to repopulate my collection. 

The first ones that managed to walk back into my collection, did it rather unwittingly. It was a pair of blue snakeskin, Fergie Footwear Protest pumps. I had been watching them for a while, and then found them in a lightening trip to DSW. 

When I got them home and slipped them on, I instantly fell in love with the pointed toe heels all over again. They create a great silhouette, elongating the leg and foot, they're easy to walk in, and usually provide just a touch of toe cleavage. 

The first of what will be many. Again.
I love this look on me because it creates a good balance with the rest of my body. 

Pointed toe heels are also wildly diverse and you can find all different styles. Ankle straps, platforms, flats, varying heel heights...there's pretty much something for every taste. 

Assuming that you like pointed toe shoes. If not then you're pretty much hosed this season. 

Lucky for me, I'm loving them, and as I transition my peep toes out as we move from Fall into winter, you can bet that pointed toe heels will be all over my wardrobe. 

Plus they always make people wonder where my toes go. They look good and I'm a walking magic trick. Winning all around. 

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