Thursday, June 7, 2012

Like Me, Love Me

Tonight is not about shoes. Well, it is because everything I do is about shoes, but it's kind of not. It's about Facebook.

And how they're now a money-making corporation.

As everyone who has a page for their blog or business now knows, Facebook is trying to build profits and make money off pages. Now unless people specify they want to see your page in their feed, it only appears there if you "promote" the post. And by promote they mean pay.

This is what you need to do
Seeing as how Cat in Heels makes me little to no money, and Facebook can't be paid in shoes (which is what I spent all my money on), I'm asking you to make sure you have selected to have Cat in Heels appear in your news feed.

To do this you simply hover over the "Like" button and have "Show in news feed" checked.

If you don't then you'll miss out on my snark, wit, drivel, bullshit and tons of pictures of my shoes. You can also catch most of that stuff on Twitter, because I'm everywhere.

So good for Zuckerberg and Facebook for figuring out how to make money so they don't become another tech bubble that will burst (or at least as bad). But they're going to have to do it off of other people, and you're going to have to show me the love. So comment, like and tell your friends. Maybe one day Cat in Heels will be able to become a line of shoes or a reality show at which point I can make someone else foot the bill for my promotions.

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