Monday, June 4, 2012

Flip Flopping Through the Streets

Summer is the time of street festivals, outdoor music fests, walks to parks, the beach, farmer's markets, and pretty much everything else that is even vaguely within walking distance (so long as it's not raining).

This weekend street festival season started for me with the first of many in my neighborhood. So I rounded together them family, put Thor in his bag (yes, my dog rides around in his own bag) and set out for hot day full of fried, bad for you food, beer, vendors galore, music, more dogs, people and children.

The kid's section of the festival was separated so we managed to avoid them pretty well, and instead wandered between grilled sweet corn, some fabulous accessories, dog treats, and music. Finally we grabbed a falafel, found a spot on the curb, and sat down for food, music and people watching, and at that level you get an eyeful.

I bet their feet are so gross!
Now I know how my dog feels. While Thor was busy begging falafel and drinking spilled beer out of the gutter I saw the world at foot level, and let me tell you it's horrifying. Mostly because on a hot summer day it's nothing but a sea of flip flops.

First, flip flops are really not footwear. They're some kind of weird, partial sandal that's pretty much for sandy beaches only. They're not meant to walk in for a long time, and not the best shoe to wear if you're navigating around spilling beer, cigarette butts, dog drool, dirt, dust, food remnants, and anything else that falls to the ground at those places. But by that rational, the only good shoe is a combat boot, and that's a little warm in the summer. But you can at least wear a nice tennis shoe or a sandal that doesn't sweep dirt into it as you walk.

Then there's also that whole part about flip flops actually being bad for you. No, I am not making this up. As you walk in them you have to grip with your toes, which makes your shins work too hard, you gait short and puts extra pressure on knees and hips. Seriously. Scientific study at Auburn University said so.

So in case you needed another reason to question flip flops as acceptable footwear, there's your nail in the coffin. Dirty, beer coated feet and sore knees. Screw that. I'll take my chance in a pair of platform sandals and at least get myself a few inches higher than street ooze.

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