Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Love Letter to My Gym Shoes

Dear Nikes,
I know we don't hang out a lot, and I prefer to do workouts that don't require shoes (yoga and kickboxing), but you were kind of awesome tonight. A 5k with impending rain and you managed to take me all the way through. And before the rain started coming down.

Love these Nikes as much as I can love a gym shoe.
Sure, I was already sore from kickboxing, and I have taken three yoga classes this week, but you managed to absorb the shock so my feet weren't sore.

I almost didn't mind that you're not as beautiful as my heels.

I'm sure I'm going to pay for all this tomorrow and be sore as hell, but at least my feet won't hurt.

So I guess you're ok.

See you for next year's race. Please still be awesome.


Thanks to Nike for the LunarGlide+3 shoes they sent me last year. They're still awesome. 

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