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Next Best Thing to Heels

If there’s one thing I am obsessed with other than shoes, it’s makeup. I have an embarrassing amount of it. I mean drag queen amounts of makeup.

I have eyeshadows and lipsticks in every color, am obsessed with glosses, love buying new eyeshadow pallets (usually just for one color) and have a ton of those fabulous little MAC individual shadows in their little black cases floating all over. 

My purse has a pencil case full of lipsticks, matching liners, and coordinating glosses and plumpers. And there’s also the stash at home of the colors that aren’t “everyday wear.”  And all my makeup goes on with brushes, which are kept in a special, roll out case.

So you can only imagine how excited I was then when Mia Mariu approached me and asked me if I wanted to try some of their products. Ummm…what? Cover my face in creams and powders and lipsticks that I haven’t tried? Yes please.

Only one problem. I have horridly sensitive skin that can’t deal with anything crazy artificial. As soon as I put it on I start to get all itchy and blotchy, and it doesn’t go away for days. Lucky for me all their products are botanical and mineral based. 

Mia Mariu cosmetics
I have to say I loved this product from the word go. Or actually from the lipstick, which was a pinkish red called "Tango" that I put on the second I opened the package. It's actually called a Hydrating Stick Gloss, and it lives up to its name. A pop of color that’s not sheer or sticky, but is hydrating and doesn’t bleed or feather.  It’s become a daily color for me, and is the perfect thing to swipe on after a cup of coffee, before a meeting, or any other time you’re looking for a soft, but colorful lip.

The moisturizer was nice because it was thick, but absorbed quickly and didn’t feel greasy. There's nothing worse than a greasy face. 

I also received a little pot of loose shadow/liner and a small eyeshadow brush. The brush was great; soft and controlled. The shadow is called Marino and is a glittery bluish-black that's fantastic and didn’t crease, even after an evening at a nightclub (ironically with drag queens). The fact that it is a loose powder can make it somewhat unwieldy, but I work with loose eyeshadow a lot, so for me it wasn’t a problem. 

Mia Mariu is also a home based business, so women can start selling it themselves. A good way to make a little money on the side if that's what you're looking for. You can also shop online

So it may not be shoes, but makeup is practically the next best thing. Now I just need to decide how many more shades of lipstick I need.