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Feeling Blue

I get these ideas where I am suddenly convinced that I don’t have a certain kind of shoe. That of course means I immediately need said shoe.

Black, red, floral, it’s all happened, but none more disastrously, or repetitively than blue.

I was in Washington, D.C. a few weeks ago for work and decided to take the last remnants of the day to go out and shop at the limited stores around my office/hotel. Lucky for me one of those happens to be Nine West, which means I get new shoes pretty much every time I’m in DC. Also lucky for me, they were having a sale.

Just a sampling of blue.
Unfortunately, it appears everyone in D.C. who works in that area wears a size 7, because every shoe I asked to see, sale or not, they were out of.

For someone hell bent on buying something, this was an awful position to be in.

Then I saw them. A pair of abandoned blue, pointed toe pumps, size 7. Perfect. Mostly because I don’t have any blue shoes. It turns out I am entirely delusional.

As soon as I returned home and added my new Nine West Boutique 9 pumps to my closet, I realized that this was not my only pair of blue shoes. Not even close.

There’s the blue leopard Iron Fist pumps, the blue and gray peep toe booties I never wear, my navy heeled loafers with the tassels, blue wedges, blue Jeffrey Campbell knee-high boots, blue snakeskin Fergie Footwear heels… Blue is every freaking place in my closet.

Luckily they were on sale and they are a shade of blue and a style I don’t have, so I can totally justify owning them. Plus they’re cute and super comfy.

Hopefully next time I’m in D.C. they have more heels in my size, another great sale, and some shoes that are really unique to my closet.