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Fashion's Night Out- Booze, Shoes and a Cupcake

I love fashion events. They combine two things I love, which is fashion (shoes included) and booze.

Total win.

Apparently handbags were selling well.
Since I have a real job, and I'm not important enough to go to Fashion Week with my little blog (and because there's nothing dedicated to shoes), I was in Chicago for Fashion's Night Out, and again decided to meet up with my sister after work, and we went to the Shops at North Bridge, where they were celebrating in style, and because one of our friends was working an event there for Ulta.

We spent most of our time in Nordstrom, where the sale initially derailed me, and I was lost among shoes and totally didn't see the booze and fashion show going on in Salon Shoes.

Nordstrom was serving pineapple and jalapeno martinis (they were amazing), wine, champagne, appetizers, and all in the company of some amazing shoes.

Cole Haan's new Chelsea pump was being featured, and it was (of course) fabulous. We saw a bunch of different fashions, and had an amazing time figuring out the various types of people who attend events like this.

These boots are softer than my dog.
There are the ones like us who obviously came from work. Dressed conservatively and carrying large bags, we were pretty easy to identify. Then there's the girls who try too hard. Dressed to the nines, they seem not to realize that this is not the real Fashion Week, but rather an event associated with it. And you're in Chicago. Fabulous, but not evening gown fabulous.

The girls who obviously dressed with being photographed by a street style blog were also there, obvious as ever in their Litas and delightfully, purposefully mismatched clothing. Secretly I hope none of them were photographed and they wasted their outfits.

Finally there were the socialites. Easy to spot due to the fact that it looks like they took four hours to get ready, and generally wearing something shiny, it's obvious these people have money. And time. Seriously, no one gets that dressed up for a Thursday night out anywhere. And while lame is cool, and I totally love sparkles, when you're starting to look like an extra from a party scene in Miami Vice, you're overdoing it. For a Thursday anyway.

Latte flavored fabulousness
I'm also pretty sure there was a Housewife of Who-the-Hell-Knows-Where somewhere in the mall, because I heard somebody get all excited about it. All I saw was a herd of over-bleached socialites with unimpressive shoes that probably cost more than anything I own.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the evening though was the fact that I actually didn't buy any shoes. Not necessarily because I didn't want to, but because I'm trying to take stock in my collection and get something really unique that's not like other stuff I own, which is getting harder and harder.

But I did get a Cole Haan cupcake, with the hashtag #DontGoHome. Unfortunately, I had to because the event was over and I'm pretty sure Nordstrom won't let me move in. But if they ever decide to change their mind and keep serving apps, I'm pretty sure they have everything I ever need.


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