Monday, September 17, 2012

Tom Ford Makeup: A Formspring Q&A

Every so often I get questions through Formspring about shoes, makeup, my feelings on fashion and the world in general. I am going to start posting the questions and answers on the blog so I can share them with all you wonderful readers.

If you have a question for me, feel free to submit them here.

Q from Kelly: LOVE your blog! I have a make-up question for you -- how do you feel about Tom Ford's Cosmetic line?

Answer: Tom Ford's cosmetic line, like most things from Tom Ford is amazing. The colors are great, the packaging is slick, and there's really nothing to not love. I haven't had the chance to try the products, but I've heard they're incredible. Unfortunately, they're also really expensive (which is why I haven't tried them).

This much Tom Ford makeup costs a crap-ton.
As a self proclaimed lipstick junkie, $48 for a tube of lipstick is a little high for me. I wouldn't be able to buy it in mass like I do so many other cosmetics.

When it comes to makeup, I love MAC (their lipstick an eye shadow is great), Clinique foundation is all I use, and I am in love with Tarte's Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara.

I've also recently found a botanical makeup line called Mia Mariu. There's a giveaway going on now, and you can enter at

Let me know if you've had the chance to try it yet. I'm definitely curious.

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