Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heart On Heels

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if your anything like me, you could give a shit.

I am obsessed with these Taylor Says heels. 
Seriously. My husband asked asked me last week if we were going to dinner or something, and I told him I had a dentist appointment.

Total wife fail.

Instead we'll probably eat dinner when I get home from the dentist, have a few cocktails (more than normal), indulge in dessert, and call it a day. (And yes, I am leaving out a few other details of the evening).

I am thinking that we should exchange gifts though. Mostly because I have seen some amazing heels inspired by Valentine's Day and I'm pretty sure I should order some for me from him.

Yeah, I'm romantic.

My absolute favorite are Royal Hearts by Taylor Says. If you have missed heels by this great artists and designer, get ready for a new obsession.

The turquoise or black patent leather heels have a red glitter heart on the toe and a fabulous Queen of Hearts painting on the soles. I can't love these enough for being glittery, sky scraper heels available in offbeat colors.

Vivienne Westwood. 
If you're looking for something a little more cutsey there's the Melissa Vivienne Westwood pump is made of PVC and has a great heart on the toe. It's all big and crazy, making it an amazing shoe that will immediately be noticed and remembered. And they're available in all kinds of fabulous, jelly bean colors.

Take the whole heart thing a level higher with Charlotte Olympia and her Love Me heels. Available in red or white(ish) they are made of hearts and have her signature island platform. Yep. How Valentine's-Freaking-Day awesome is that? Plus they have a great name that makes me think of that old Cardigan's song from the '90s.

Hearts aren't just for stupid holidays anymore. 
Have a good time getting that one out of your head.

With shoes as fabulous as these you don't have to be romantic, have a significant other, or even remember that it's Valentine's Day to enjoy these fabulous shoes. Hearts are a year round kind of thing, and don't have anything to do with being romantic. At least not in my mind.

Then again, what do I know?  I'm the one who made a dentist appointment on Valentine's Day.

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