Sunday, February 17, 2013

Boxes, Racks and the Right Choice

Friday I recieved a question via text that is the unanswerable shoe question.

Shoe boxes...keep them or pitch them?

Well, isn't that one just a total bitch to answer. Mostly because there's no right answer.

This is awesome, but it's not full of heels. 
Some people love shoe boxes. Being able to easily stack and organize shoes is great. But, as some people pointed out when I posted the question to Facebook and Twitter followers, the boxes take up a lot more space than shoes on shelves or racks.

Two Facebook followers said that keeping the heels stored in their original boxes was the way to go. One said that the boxes are a great way to keep dust off you fabulous shoes. Another one noted that the boxes help shoes keep their value, so when you finally sell them to make room for new shoes they still have some value.

I should really look into that whole selling my shoes on eBay thing. More room for shoes sounds kinda awesome.

A Twitter follower noted that shoe boxes take up too much space and shelves are perfect in his view.

Then there's this.
In reality my shoe closet is a combination of racks, boxes and mayhem. I have some racks, but my really tall shoes don't fit. I have a shoe cubby, but anything with a heel over 3 inches (everything) doesn't fit. I have shoes hanging on racks on the front of shelves, shoes in bins that are eternally ignored because I don't wear them and don't have the heart to part with them. Then there's the piles of shoe boxes that are some kind of deadly, heel infused Jenga, just waiting to pop open and stab me with a stilletto.

My closet as featured in Fuzion.
It's covered in shoes
My closet was actually pictured in Fuzion Magazine a few months ago. They interviewed me about my shoe collection and shoed the insanity that is my closet.

Currently I'm actually working on redesiging and reorganizing my closet and I am trying to find the correct answer to the eternal question between shoe boxes and racks.

Either way though, try to do something that works for you, displays your shoes, makes them easy to find, and hopefully doesn't threaten to stab you when you're trying to pick a pair to complete your outfit.

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