Monday, February 11, 2013

Shoe Drawer to the Rescue

I get teased for keeping a drawer of shoes at work. Not by other women, because they totally understand, but when my IT guy comes up and wants to see the laptop I travel with and I open a drawer full of shoes and one laptop, there are comments.

This zipper is screwed. 
Well, as of today all you who don't understand and give me funny looks can kiss my ass because that shoe drawer came in handy when my beloved (and worn) Kensie boots decided to drop dead at the office.

When I was zipping up my boots this morning I noticed that there was a little irregularity in the zipper and it caught. So I did what we would all do, and I forced the zipper closed, knowing this probably wouldn't end well and praying it would get through the day.

Those boots didn't make it to my second cup of coffee.

I looked down to check on them and the zipper split. I said a bad word (shocking), unzipped the boot and a small shower of zipper teeth came tumbling to the floor and the zipper came off the track.

The death knell sounded for my beloved black Kensie boots.

Collections of shoes totally paid off. 
Immediately I started to panic. What would I do? My boot won't stay on if it's not zipped, and I don't have another pair of black boots at the office. Or at home. Fuck. I don't have any boots, maybe at all. This may have been the only pair of boots I have at all ever in the history of my closet. Do I have enough money right now to go buy new ones at Nordstrom? Plus I'm wearing a black and tan striped jersey dress and the boots were part of the outfit. What the hell am I going to do?

Shoe drawer to the rescue.

For some reason the selection there kind of sucked though. Gray pumps, purple tweed peep toes, burgundy patent and suede Mary Janes and a black patent peep toe with a giant ribbon on them from Paris Hilton. I borrowed the heels from my friend Kat (with a K) like a year ago and never gave them back. I don't even know how they got to the office.

I have on a black patent leather belt, so it matches in that way, but they're peep toes and I'm wearing tights. Luckily they're the kind that's more of a missing toe of the shoe and not the peep that would show how shitty my pedicure looks.
Bows to the rescue. 

Now wildly unhappy with my day because my boots broke, I hate my shoes with this dress, and I didn't get a call I was expecting (I have such bougie problems), I resign to the fact that I will spend a whole day wearing shoes that don't go with my outfit.

So what happens as I'm on my way to a meeting? I get a compliment on my shoes. And not only my shoes, but the shoes with the dress. Apparently it looked great, which I wouldn't know because we don't have a full length mirror at the office, and I was all concerned about my shit pedicure and tights.

By the end of the day the only problem that remained is the fact that I still don't have a pair of black boots. I guess it's time to start looking for some. In the meantime I'll have to take those Paris Hilton heels back to the office because apparently they come in handy.

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