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Oscar Shoes Bore Me

The 2013 Oscars will probably fade away into the annals of history as one of the most boring Oscars ever. There wasn't any huge scandal. No one showed up almost naked. There were no outrageous outfits made of feathers or pop tops or paper mache.
Zoe Saldana's heels were a win. 


It's really a shame because I was really hoping for something great with Seth MacFarland. Instead we got a song about boobs that has women up in arms, and a bunch of songs that aren't relevant. 

Sorry Oscars, but Chicago, Dream Girls and Goldfinger are all years old. There seriously weren't any new songs in movies over the last 12 months other than "Skyfall?"

Everything was sparkly and cute, but I have to say that there were a lot of heels that seemed dyed to match or just generally uninspired.

Anne Hathaway went with a silverish satin heel with her pink Prada and no bra. The ankle straps were possibly the best part of that outfit.

Zoe Saldana wore a great pair of black Roger Vivier Le Smoking sandals with bows at the ankle and top of the foot. Loved them.

Love the shoes but not with the dress.
The matchy-matchy group was there last night too. Kerry Washington was all orange, Jennifer Garner dyed to match, and Jessica Chastain was champagne to her toes. Jennifer Hudson wore an amazing pair of blue Giuseppee Zanotti peep toes that just didn't seem to go with her dress.

Then there were the ladies that just went with the black heel, which is the shoe equivalent of not knowing what to wear.

I would also like someone to please introduce Adele to footless Spanx. The fact that I could tell she was wearing nude hose when she was singing ruined something for me. It also ruined her glitter Louboutins and made her look like she had cankels.

There were a lot of good shoes at the Oscars too, and the after party shoes were even better. But in the future it would be nice if the stars can step it up a little in the shoe and dress department. If not then they should start inviting Cher again just so there's finally an outfit to really talk about.
Anne Hathaway

Adele has cankles


Victoria said…
More Pictures! Don't make me google everything.
Cat in Heels said…
I added more photos. I tried to add a slide show, but Blogger was being a bitch.