Monday, February 4, 2013

Sam, Kate and Chemical Reactions

Everyone knows I love Sam Edelman heels. Especially after I met him and he was a fabulous and charming man. It just made me feel better about buying all his shoes.

I totally sit around my apartment like this. 
Now he's taking his charm, marketing saavy and love of shoes to another level, casting Kate Upton in a sexy, heel filled campaign.

I have to admit, the fact that Kate Upton was chosen for the campaign made my day. The bombshell model is one of the few out there with a little curve. There is actually a difference between her waist and hips, and she has breasts.

She's not a "regular" girl, but she's awesome looking, and perfectly embodies the sex appeal that is inherent in heels.

The video for the campaign is steamy and sexy. It's shot in black and white in the ultimate New York apartment with the skyline peeking through the giant picture windows. Upton traipses through the apartment like a girl in a new pair of shoes, and then wanders through a room full of shoes.

It's totally like my life, except I'm not a model, live in Chicago (and the skyline quite isn't outside my window), I'm overworked, a little drunk, and my room (or whole apartment) full of shoes is all heels, waiting to trip my drunk-ass and impale a heel into some part of my body.

And knowing my luck it would probably be one of my Sam Edelman heels. Oh the irony.

More photos and an interview with Sam Edelman about the campaign are available on the Daily Mail. He discusses the campaign, why he chose a model that resembles a real person, and how heels create a chemical reaction. Proving once again just how much he understands women and shoes.

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