Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Seeing Through Heels

Once only for strippers, lucite heels have come down from the pole, shortened their heels, and teamed up with some amazing leathers and textures and pranced right into the mainstream.

My favorite lucite heel this season
I actually bought a pair of lucite heels from Aldo a few years ago, and still love them. They're a gray smokey heel with red metallic leather. Aside from the fact that they're metallic red, they always attracted attention for having a lucite heel that didn't look like it is paired best with a thong.

This spring lucite is going to be everywhere. Already popping up from brands like Miista, Via Spiga, Casadi, Kate Spade and Sigerson Morrison you can see them in everything from heels to wedges and in a variety of colors and shapes.

Rose colored wedges from
Via Spiga
My favorite (aside from the ones I own) is the Tara from Miista. The heel looks like cut glass, and has blue and yellow in it, and collects and reflects colors like a prisim. The shoe itself looks either like a watercolor floral print or like blood on rocks. And I mean that in the best way possible, because these are awesome. It's all topped off with an ankle strap.

How on trend can one shoe be?

Another fun look is the lucite wedge. Usually in colors, it gives an unexpected look because no one expects to be able to see through the wedge.

Of course there is still the clear lucite heel, if you're more of a traditionalist. One of my personal favorites is on the Jeffrey Campbell Lita. The clear heel is such an amazing contrast to the black leather.

Of course if you're just looking for a pair of traditional stripper heels, those are still available as well. They're just not as fabulous as everything else that's out there now, so I'm really not sure why you'd even bother. 

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