Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Cut Above

Trends come and go, and sometimes there’s that trend that creeps in all slow and quiet, and before long it’s a standard wardrobe staple.

Enter the laser cut detail on shoes.
Sam Edelman sandals get it right.

These delicate designs crept into stores en mass this spring, and have managed to just quietly stick around. There were few declarations of this as a trend, or the “must have” shoe of the summer, but they were there. Now with summer sliding out (yes, it’s almost back to school time), laser cut detail is seamless sliding into fall with nary a whisper.

Kind of like nude shoes just showed up one day and never quite went away.

The great thing about laser cut details is they come on every kind of shoe, and in every style and color imaginable.

If you want a pump, kitten heel, boot, oxford, flat (pointy and ballet)…they’re all available at your fingertips (assuming you shop online as much as I do).

BCBGMaxAzria heels with studs. 
The other interesting thing about the laser cut detail is the fact that everywhere you look it’s different. Sometimes it’s a basic geometric shape (circles and squares people), and other times it’s a more intricate detailing of flowers or vines or pictures.

Some of it depends on how much room there is on the shoe. For example, a boot has more space to carve things into than a flat. Though that’s also pretty common sense, so I can’t believe I just explained that.

My prediction though is that some of the more classic and understated laser cut shapes on heels and such are here to stay.
Ferragamo needs no explanation.
They just continue to bounce around stores, every so often getting a mention on a blog or in a magazine, and being photographed on someone or another. So you may as well give in and buy a pair.

Plus after wearing them all day, you get a cool little design on your feet. 

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