Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Dark in the Wilderness

Every so often a designer does something so awesome and fantastic, that you are reminded that fashion is not just a way to not be naked. It is art.

We should have more clothes with Muppets on them.
Iris Van Herpen took haute couture to a level rarely seen at the Paris shows recently, and showed an entire collection that was three dimensional and made me think of Cthulhu. The actual theme was nature, and she was showing how wild nature is. I've decided it's so damn wild it actually started to summon bits of Hell.

Let me assure you I mean this in the best way possible and clothing reminding me of literature is a compliment. The fact that it reminds me of H.P. Lovecraft literature is simply a bonus.

One dress even went all Dark Crystal and I'm pretty sure there were the heads of skeksis on it, and it may have been made from feathers, or Muppets. I'm not sure which.

If I could afford couture I would wear the hell out of that dress.

In love!
The shoes for the collection were the clincher though. Obviously Van Herpen knows the importance of a good pair of shoes, because they finished up the clothing with an amazing weirdness. Stopping short of the Alexander McQueen lobster shoe (she interned at McQueen), the chunky boot (for lack of another description) was all tendrils and tentacles, coming all the way back to the creature from the deep.

She again partnered with United Nude's Rem D. Koolhaas for the line of shoes, which are garnering tons of attention, and were created by being printed on a 3-D printer. Most of the shoes Koolhaas makes garner attention though. That's what
Too amazing not to show you.
happens when an architect designs shoes.

That also makes me wonder if they're easy to walk in.

Either way they're amazing, and while some people may think she captured the look and feel of the wilderness with the collection, I appreciate its darker side. Even if it is unintentional.

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