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Footwear for Fireworks

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to show your patriotism and rock the red, white and blue.
Available on Gilt

Unless of course, you’re one of my many readers from another country, at which point this date holds no significance at all except that you can’t reach anyone in the U.S. for business purposes. 

Regardless, it’s a good color combination, and should be worn as much as possible, even if your flag is orange and blue (no idea who that would be) and the 4th is nothing other than Thursday (and drunk American day). 

It’s also a day for BBQs, beer, fireworks (because booze and blowing shit up is an awesome combo) and being outside and hoping it doesn’t rain. All that means is that it’s really, really important to wear semi-sensible shoes that don’t sink into the grass, and that you can move fast enough in to get out of the way of a bottle rocket that mysteriously went sideways instead of up.

My stand by-recommendation for all kinds of summer activities is the classic wedge.

You won’t aerate the lawn with heels, you can dodge the sparks of fireworks, they’re comfy and easy to walk in (usually), look equally awesome with skirts, shorts, capris and pants.

A possibility for 4th footwear
A wide heel is also pretty fabulous for BBQs and a day out. Gilt has an amazing pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels that fit this. The red with white polka dot heels would be great to complete a great '60s look, or pair seamlessly with a pair of high waisted shorts and cat-eye glasses. 

You then of course have to drink something super American like Pabst Blue Ribbon or Coke in a glass bottle just to complete the picture. 

I have a pair of blue heels with white polka dots that I may or may not be wearing for the 4th. It depends on if I can find them. They also have a stiletto heel, which isn't a problem since I plan on avoiding all grassy areas and stick to eating and drinking on patios and watching fireworks from afar, because running in heels has never really been my thing.