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Thor's Night Out

My dog, Thor, has a small problem. Aside from the fact that he’s small and thinks he’s big, and the fact that he may or may not be all Chihuahua (that tail is awfully suspect), he also smells like a tortilla.

Yes, I realize that sounds stupid, but it’s true. Thor’s head smells like a tortilla unless he’s freshly
Thor and my shoes. 
bathed, an activity that he absolutely hates.

Lucky for Thor, we were invited to a party, sponsored by Reviver Pet Wipes and PetCo (his favorite place), and benefiting PAWS Chicago at the W Chicago Lakeshore.

So posh for all the pets.

Thor had the chance to pee on trees downtown, rode in an elevator, made friends, barked at a 190 lb Great Dane, tried to get fresh with a Bischon, met celebrity dog Tuna, and rubbed his head on part of a crab cake.

My husband and I chatted with people about blogs, shoes and pets, sipped cocktails, took photo booth pictures with Thor, and made sure he was behaving himself, which he only sometimes was.

We were also super excited to get some Reviver wipes so we can try them out and see if we can make
Thor likes it so much he doesn't care about the wrapper.
our dog smell a little less like a tortilla (or crab cakes). Thor also got an awesome swag bag from PetCo, which included Reviver Wipes for dogs and cats (which are going to his cousins), a PetCo gift card, and turkey jerky, which my husband said was gross but Thor absolutely loved. And really it's Thor's opinion that counts seeing as how it's his treat and all. 

For those of you who want the shoe update to this (because it has nothing to do with shoes), I teetered after Thor all evening in my pink to cream ombre Aldo peep toes. Perfect for being towed by a 12 pound Chihuahua who thinks he’s the king of the world.  

You can see pictures of the event on Cat in Heels Facebook here