Monday, March 29, 2010

Lucky is shopping in my closet

Today on lunch I was looking at the front page of MSN, and an article caught my eye: "Lucky Under $100 Spring Shoe Guide."

I clicked on that link faster than you read it. Shoes under $100?! Please Lucky- tell me what's going to be en vogue this season and where I can get it for under $100.

I frantically clicked through the list becoming more disappointed with each click of the mouse.

  • Platform Mary Janes-Bought them six months ago. I just featured them.
  • Slingback heels- Seriously Lucky? I thought you were supposed to be a shopping magazine on top of trends, not staples. 
  • Pointy toe flats- I don't personally wear flats, but I bought my sister a pair for Christmas.
  • Two strap flat sandals- Again, I don't wear these, but I'm pretty sure sandals have had two straps since the beginning of time. 
  • Cork soled platforms- I have a pair of cork soled slingbacks (two trends in one) that have been worn to death. Literally- I have to throw them out, because they're like two years old and have traipsed all over the city and back.
  • Two tone oxfords- Really? I bought these two years ago as well. I thought they were on their way out.
  • High heeled clogs- Never a good idea, and this will NEVER be in fashion. They even look stupid on the models.
The only conclusion I have come to is that Lucky is stalking my closet and shoe purchases (minus the clogs) and writing sad articles that are six months to two years behind fashion.

Then again, maybe I'm just ahead of the curve.

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