Friday, March 12, 2010

Gaga for Fashion

Late last night I was rotting around in front of the TV and saw the preview for the Lady Gaga and Beyonce video, Telephone. I decided to not move, and watch this very hyped and "scandalous" (thank you Ryan Seacrest) video.

It was AMAZING. Well directed, tongue in cheek with great dancing and even better costumes.

I should probably mention that as a child of the '80s I'm totally a sucker for a good music video, and I love Lady Gaga (which is my dirty little secret), and I love her fashion and wish I could dress like her. Plus Quentin Tarantino lent a hand on the video, which was awesome and immediately noted. And I love costumes. I would wear sequins, glitter and feathers all the time, but it's frowned upon at the office.

I do love Gaga's costumes, especially in this video. I would wrap myself in police tape (which was designer) and parade around in an amazing pair of shoes if I had 0% body fat like her.

Which brings me to the shoes, that were amazingly rocked by Beyonce. They had what looks like buttons all over them. I have been looking all over the web for a good picture of her shoes, and have not been able to find one. (See the best picture I could find to the right) They were designed by Jean Charles de  Castelbajac, who has great designs, but a website I can't read (because its in French) and has a picture of a half naked girl with a pirate eye patch and a bird.

I'm totally sold on this guy. Pirates, parrots and topless women. It has nothing to do with fashion, but I love it.

So now I'm on a mission to find the button shoes and spend my life savings on them. Which may not sound like a good idea, but then I would be really skinny because I can't afford to eat, but my shoes will continue to fit because shoes love you like that.

I wonder if they will go with police tape?

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